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Always Have These Items in Your Car in Case of a Breakdown

Always Have These Items in Your Car in Case of a Breakdown

Sometimes, events in life strike us in unexpected ways. Even if you are driving a brand new vehicle or a vehicle that was recently thoroughly serviced by a trusted mechanic, breakdowns can happen. Being prepared in the event that they do is a crucial way to ensure your safety. There are certain items that should always be kept in your vehicle in the event of a breakdown.

20 Essential Items to Have on Hand in the Event of a Breakdown

What items should be kept on-hand at all times? The following is an overview:

  1. A cellphone and a charger.
  2. A pen or pencil and a notebook.
  3. If you take medication, carry extra in your vehicle.
  4. If you are traveling during cold weather conditions, carry an ice scraper, a snowbrush, and a snow shovel.
  5. Your vehicle’s operating manual.
  6. Extra coolant and a fire extinguisher.
  7. Emergency service information. Our free accident app contains this valuable information and can easily be downloaded onto your cellphone.
  8. A flashlight with extra batteries in the car.
  9. Windshield-washer fluid and a wiping cloth in the vehicle.
  10. Drinking water and preserved food.
  11. A signal flag and flares or warning triangles.
  12. Jumper cables and a tire pressure gauge.
  13. Cat litter if your car is at risk of being stuck in snow.
  14. First-aid kit.
  15. A safety blanket.
  16. Extra fuses and a fan or alternator belt.
  17. Candles and matches.
  18. An umbrella.
  19. A jack and a lug wrench.
  20. A toolkit that includes a screwdriver, pliers, and a wrench.

Hopefully, having these items in your vehicle will keep you safe in the event of an unanticipated breakdown. We encourage you to spread the word—share this helpful information with your friends and loved ones on Twitter and Facebook!

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