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Are Nursing Homes Liable for Slip and Fall Accidents?

Are Nursing Homes Liable for Slip and Fall Accidents?

If your parent or grandparent suffered a hip fracture while living in a Georgia nursing home, you may wonder, “Was the injury an accident? Or, was it the result of nursing home negligence?”
Slip and fall accidents are common in nursing homes. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as many as three-quarters of nursing home residents suffer a fall each year. Most fall more than once. More than a third of nursing home falls involve residents who cannot walk.
Nursing home residents tend to be more frail than older adults who live independently. A slip and fall injury can be devastating. Each year, about 1,800 nursing home residents die from slip and fall injuries.
Nursing homes have a duty to protect the health and well-being of their residents. This includes protecting residents from potentially fatal falls. Every Georgia nursing home resident should have a care plan that includes a strategy for preventing fall-related injuries. The plan may include the use of assistive devices like bed rails and grab bars or the ability to ask for assistance when needed. An Atlanta slip and fall accident should be a rare occurrence.
Many Georgia nursing homes will try to blame the resident for the injury. They may claim that the resident caused the fall because she failed to ask for or wait for assistance. However, our Atlanta personal injury attorneys have found that the nursing home is often at fault.
When an older adult is injured in an Atlanta slip and fall accident, our attorneys will carefully review the resident’s care plan. We will check to make sure that the plan is adequate and that each step in the plan was fully implemented. We will determine if the patient was able to ask for help and whether help was unavailable because of understaffing. We will make sure that proper safety devices were available for the resident’s use. We will also check nursing home and state records for similar accidents in the same facility. A large number of slip and fall injuries may indicate a pattern of neglect.
If your loved one suffered a slip and fall injury at a Georgia nursing home, don’t hesitate to contact an Atlanta injury lawyer. Your loved one may be eligible for compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and loss of quality of life. To learn more, contact Kaufman Law today.

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