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Arguments Against Daytime Running Lights for Motorcycles

Arguments Against Daytime Running Lights for Motorcycles

When traveling along the roadways, motorcyclists face many risks. The lack of exterior protection, the high speeds at which the motorcycles may be traveling, and the size difference between vehicles all contribute to the risk of injury as a result of a crash. One effort to try and reduce the number of these accidents that is becoming increasingly popular is the use of daytime running lights. Not all motorcycle enthusiasts support this safety tool, however.

Eight Criticisms of Daytime Running Lights for Motorcycles

Why would some people oppose the use of daytime running lights on motorcycles? The following are eight common explanations that are often cited:

  1. They increase visual glare.
  2. They increase visual clutter.
  3. They obscure the directional visibility of signal lights.
  4. They reduce the conspicuity of motorcycles when they are simultaneously used by a vast number of larger vehicles such as cars and trucks.
  5. They mask other roadway users by dominating visual attention.
  6. Some individuals claim that daytime running lights make oncoming vehicles appear closer than they really are, while others make the opposite claim.
  7. They reduce emergency vehicle conspicuity by making it more difficult to distinguish emergency vehicles from other traffic on the roadways.
  8. They may have the effect of causing drivers of motorcycles to be less likely to use standard lights. Motorcyclists may forget or fail to turn on their standard lights in low-light or low-visibility situations. As a result, the rear lights of the motorcycle may not be illuminated, possibly increasing the risk of rear-end collisions.

Regardless of your position on the effectiveness of daytime running lights, it is important to spread the word to help promote motorcycle safety. We encourage you to spark this conversation by sharing our article with your friends and loved ones on Facebook.

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