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Built-in Features May Distract Drivers and Cause Accidents

Built-in Features May Distract Drivers and Cause Accidents

In today’s modern world, technology is advancing at a rapid pace. These technologies are then integrated into new vehicles in order to entice buyers searching for the latest features. Unfortunately, these in-vehicle technologies can also lead to distracted driving. Distracted driving is a dangerous activity that presents a real safety issue to motorists.

4 Factors That Increase the Risk of a Distracted Driving Accident

With new technology appearing daily and the ease of access constantly improving—the potential for distracted driving is on the rise. Technological factors that are increasing the risks of distracted driving accidents include the following:

  1. Sophisticated satellite navigation and GPS systems
  2. Smartphones that are essentially mini-computers or tablets
  3. Easy connectivity to the internet
  4. The rise in the popularity of social media

In order to reduce the risk of a car accident, some groups, such as the U.S. Department of Transportation and National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, as well as the U.K. Institute of Advanced Motorists, suggest that drivers should not be allowed to use any non-essential form of technology while driving their vehicles. Automakers can help accomplish this goal by creating vehicles where these technology features are not functional when the vehicle is in motion. Similarly, the groups suggest that carmakers should not introduce new technologies that take the driver’s attention off of the road for longer than two seconds at a time.
Unfortunately, the rapid pace of change with regard to technology makes it difficult for public safety campaigns to keep up. In order to increase driver awareness of the dangers of distracted driving and the risks associated with the technology in today’s cars, we encourage you to share a link to this article with your friends and loved ones on Facebook and Twitter today.

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