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Celebrate the Irish Heritage Tomorrow Safe AND Cheap

Celebrate the Irish Heritage Tomorrow Safe AND Cheap

If you live in Atlanta, no matter how close or inside the “perimeter” you are, you know that it is virtually impossible to travel anywhere without a vehicle unless you want to spend a lot of time and headaches navigating MARTA bus schedules and train times. Even cabs are arguably not the best mode of safe and reliable public transportation, since calling a taxi involves calling one of numerous taxi companies and then trying to decide which one is the closest to you and most convenient or cost-effective on rates. Atlanta is unique both in its layout and in what neighborhoods and sub-cities are considered “Atlanta”. From midtown to as north as Lawrenceville is considered part of “Atlanta”, which communicates the message that if you can travel to metro Atlanta in a vehicle in 30 minutes or less, you live in Atlanta.

So what if you want to go out on the town one night and not have to worry about leaving your car at a public venue, paying for parking, or getting home safely afterwards?

Until about a year ago, the answer to this question involved either risking your safety and driving home whether you thought you were sober or not, calling a cab and waiting for it to arrive for a considerable amount of time, designating a friend to drive the crew who could not drink, or trying to configure MARTA.

Now there is a smartphone app for iPhone and Android calledUber. Uber functions solely on iOS or Android smartphones and uses the GPS attached to your phone to track your location and find the nearest Uber driver to you, even if you do not know the exact address of where you are. A map pops up once you request an Uber driver that then allows you to track the driver’s progress to you-the driver’s name and type of vehicle he or she is driving even appears at the bottom of the screen so that you know who and what kind of vehicle to look for. The driver is available to call or text, and he or she calls you when close to your location. The Uber driver then takes you wherever you need to go, and you do not need cash to pay them-you do not even need a credit card on hand. The Uber app requires a card to be on file, and when your ride ends, your card is automatically charged the fare-easy! You can even input your destination from your current location before requesting an Uber driver to see how much the total fare would be, and compared to most taxi companies, Uber is much cheaper-you can even split the fare with someone else by having them “opt in”, and their cards will be charged equally through the app (all persons must have the app for this to be possible). If you prefer a regular taxi, SUV, even a luxury vehicle to travel in, those options are also available through the app.

The best qualities about Uber are its convenience, cheap rates, and safety. Drivers are driving their own vehicles, are hired through a rigorous screening and hiring process, and are always available on their own time through their own smartphones. Because a lot of Uber’s success is credited to the personal engagement of their drivers, passengers are rest-assured that they have a safe way to their destination.

With the St. Patrick’s Day holiday tomorrow, the celebration of Irish heritage will undoubtedly call for the insurance of safety while traveling. Although Atlanta ranks 84th on the“Drunkest American Cities” list, we are still 36th in DUI crash deaths and 58th in DUI arrests.

Ensure that you travel to and from your respective destinations tomorrow safely if you are going to be out drinking; take advantage of Uber, designate a sober driver, enlist the use of MARTA, or call a taxi.

Drunk drivers are liable forpunitive damages if they are involved in a car wreck. We always hope that no one is involved in a collision with a drunk driver or suffers from personal injuries, but if you are, we are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Contact us free and talk over your situation with a member of our legal team. We are here to help YOU!

Happy Saint Patrick’s!

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