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Facts About Scaffolding and Ladder Accidents in Atlanta

Facts About Scaffolding and Ladder Accidents in Atlanta

If you’ve suffered harm as a worker or a passerby in a scaffolding or ladder accident in the metro-Atlanta area, discuss your case with an accomplished Georgia attorney. Our city is the site of a lot of construction, so scaffolding is a common sight. It’s the temporary structure builders use during construction projects. Scaffolding allows construction crews to work on a building, bridge, or other construction project in a protected and safe manner. Unfortunately, scaffolding can be inherently dangerous, and it causes accidents. For that reason, scaffolding and ladders are highly regulated and often built by companies other than the construction crew.

Are Scaffolding and Ladder Accidents Common?

Falls are the No. 1 cause of construction site deaths, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Scaffolding violations are the main reason for construction site citations. If you suffer an accident on or under scaffolding, your injuries may be due to someone else’s neglect. You need to speak to an attorney experienced in construction site accidents; Kaufman Law, P.C., is that firm.
Most construction crew members will spend time on scaffolding or ladders during their careers. In fact, anyone involved in construction will spend time on scaffolding, including:

  • Electricians
  • Painters
  • Carpenters
  • Ironworkers
  • Mason workers

What Are Frequent Causes of Scaffolding and Ladder Accidents?

A worker can suffer injury or death in several ways when on or underneath a scaffolding structure or ladder. These include:

  • Falls from a high elevation
  • Being struck by an object from above
  • Breaks in the structure or ladder
  • Electrocution from a power line touching metal
  • Poor or outdated structure assembly
  • Slips on wet surfaces

What Are the Most Common Injuries in Ladder and Scaffolding Accidents?

Scaffolding and ladder accidents usually lead to injuries. The most serious of these injuries include:

  • Bruises and cuts.
  • Strains, sprains, and tissue injuries.
  • Fractures of arms, legs, and other extremities.
  • Neck injuries. These injuries affect a person’s neck movement and overall wellbeing.
  • Internal organ damage. Organ injuries might require significant treatment, including surgery.
  • Brain injuries. Any injury involving the brain can be significant. Scaffold accidents can cause permanent damage to a person’s personality or brain function.
  • Spine injuries. Spinal injuries can affect a person’s movement and body functions, oftentimes permanently.
  • Death.

My Boss Says I’m Responsible for the Scaffolding Accident. What Do I Do?

In Georgia, workers’ compensation is a no-fault system. This means that when a person receives injuries on the job, he or she has the right to compensation money no matter whose fault the accident is.
It can be tough to stick up to a boss or executive, but you should understand you have certain rights in scaffolding structure accidents. In this case, it’s important to contact an attorney with experience in work accidents. Atlanta-area residents can contact Kaufman Law, P.C., for a free construction accident consultation.

How Can an Attorney Help Me After a Scaffold Accident?

Workers are not the only people injured in scaffolding accidents. Unfortunately, falling objects and faulty structure parts frequently strike bystanders too. In both cases, it can be challenging filing for an injury claim. A few companies usually operate the construction site, so it may be difficult filing a workers’ compensation claim, personal injury claim, or both.
An experienced team of attorneys will be able to gather evidence, including medical bills and proof of lost wages. An attorney will also be able to guide you through the filing process of workers’ compensation or a personal injury claim. This will ensure that you meet deadlines, file paperwork, and that everyone involved understands compensation.
If you are a worker or a pedestrian injured in a scaffolding, ladder, or other construction accident, call Kaufman Law, P.C., at (404) 355-4000 for a free construction accident consultation.