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Construction Worker Killed in Atlanta Kroger Parking Lot

Construction Worker Killed in Atlanta Kroger Parking Lot

Yesterday, the AJC reported the murder of a construction worker in the parking lot outside of a midtown Atlanta Kroger store by a man who was allegedly attempting to steal the worker’s truck.
The construction worker was working at the Kroger store on Tuesday, March 11, with a fellow worker. While in the parking lot, a man, unknown to them, was inside their pick-up truck. Both men went up to the driver’s side window and knocked on the window to get his attention, and the man inside the truck shot the construction worker in the chest through the window, instantly killing him. A black BMW 3 series with dark tinted windows accelerated quickly away.
The Kroger, where the incident occurred, is infamously known as “Murder Kroger”. The nickname of “Murder Kroger” became widespread around the adjacent neighborhood after a woman was shot and killed in the parking lot in 1991. Ten years later, in 2001, a dead body was found in a car in the parking lot, and in 2012, a college student was killed in the Ford Factory Lofts, which share this store’s parking lot. The crime that continues to occur over the years in the parking lot of this store contributed to and has maintained this store’s nickname. Evidence of these crimes are obtainable from the police.
Kroger historically denies knowledge that hazards exist on its premises. This particular store has been known as “Murder Kroger” for 24 years. The surrounding neighbors seem aware that this store is referred to as this nickname, however, the construction worker who was killed was from Alabama, and may not have had knowledge of the danger in the parking lot. A Wikipedia article about Murder Kroger is published, however, the Kroger website for this store’s location posts no premises warnings or crime history. One issue is whether Kroger conspicuously posts crime warning signs on its property. Another issue is whether Kroger controls the parking lot.
At the time of this report, what is unknown is whether the survivors of the deceased have a remedy from Workers Compensation or whether they may legally make a wrongful death claim. Some of these decisions will be based upon the legal relationship between the deceased construction worker and Kroger.
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