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Coping with a Burn Injury After a Serious Auto Accident

Coping with a Burn Injury After a Serious Auto Accident

Any accident can be traumatic, but being caught in a burning vehicle is unimaginably difficult. The heat is intense, it’s difficult to breathe, you don’t know if you are living your last moments. Your brain tells is telling your body to “Get out now!” There is little time for any other thought.
Once you’ve escaped the fire, the adrenaline subsides. There is a risk of shock or respiratory failure as the body responds to your injuries and cuts the blood flow to the extremities. It is not until you are stable that you realize that you are in an incredible amount of pain. The pain of a severe burn is so excruciating that patients may be put into a medically induced coma while their skin heals. Patients with lesser burns are often given strong pain medications, including potentially addictive opiates.
Treating a burn is a long-term process. We know of one truck accident victim who needed 33 separate reconstructive and plastic surgeries after a trucking accident left him with severe burns on his arms and face. The surgeries took almost two and a half years. The patient also needed intensive physical therapy to improve flexibility in the injured muscles and skin.
While the accident and the treatment are trauma enough—there is also scarring. Burns are different from many other injuries because the victim must live with a permanent reminder of the wreck. It is no surprise that patients who suffer severe burns may also suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. One study found that 58 percent of burn victims suffered symptoms of PTSD within a year of their injury.
PTSD affects the whole family. If you are suffering any of the following symptoms, seek professional help:

  • Flashbacks, nightmares, or uncontrollable memories of the accident
  • Anxiety or avoidance of people, places, situations and things that are associated with the Georgia trucking accident
  • Increased anxiety or hyper-alertness

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