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Electrical Linemen

Electrical Linemen

Utility electric work falls among one of the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the world. Electrical linemen spend the majority of their time in high places with power lines that carry large amounts of electricity. On new construction projects, they are the ones building or upgrading the lines to meet codes and specifications. When bad weather hits and thousands of consumers lose power, they are also the ones out there braving the storm, so we can turn our lights back on. We heavily rely on these workers to ensure that our power is restored when outages occur.
It is the responsibility of power companies and other entities that employ power linemen to ensure that they are fully prepared to perform their job safely. Unfortunately, many of these companies have cut corners by not hiring adequate staff and not properly following job safety requirements. This causes them to be exposed to a wide range of hazards. If you have been injured or a loved one has unfortunately passed away due to an injury on the job you could be entitled to compensation. Our Atlanta firm has experience handling workers’ compensation claims and can get you the help you need.
Common hazards that can lead to serious injury for electrical lineman are listed here:

  • Not Using the Required Protective Equipment, such as gloves, burn-resistant clothing, etc. All of these things should be provided by the employer to ensure that their workers are safe at all times.
  • Working at Dangerous Heights making them susceptible to falls
  • Working in Confined Areas, such as a bucket truck, putting them at risk of becoming trapped if there is an explosion or fire
  • Welding Accidents, such as cuts, bruises, burns, etc.
  • Working in Adverse Weather Conditions, which occurs often when there are power outages due to bad weather
  • Working Long Hours, which heightens when bad weather hits. Because of this, drowsy driving becomes the norm for many of these workers putting them at risk of an accident while on the road.

Most large power companies have workers’ compensation benefits so that if any of their workers unfortunately experience an accident causing injury or illness they can take advantage of the program. If you are a utility line worker and have questions regarding a potential claim, contact us here. Our Georgia workers’ compensation team can help you with the process.