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Even Seemingly Minor Head Injuries Can Create Serious Risks

Even Seemingly Minor Head Injuries Can Create Serious Risks

As you are walking through a store, you suddenly step through a puddle of water and suffer a slip and fall accident. At first, you may think that you have just a minor head injury. Your fall may not have been that hard and you may not be showing the classic symptoms of a more serious brain injury. Unfortunately, you may have what’s known as an epidural hemorrhage. This dangerous condition can cause a rapid decline in your health that may even lead to death if not treated immediately.

A Slip and Fall Accident Could Lead to “Talk and Die” Syndrome

An epidural hemorrhage often occurs due to a fracture in the skull just above the ear. There is an artery that runs above the skull that can be torn as a result of a slip and fall accident. The following is an overview of what may happen:

  • Slip and fall victims may feel completely normal immediately after the accident.
  • Even though they feel fine, the victim may be suffering from a brain bleed.
  • Blood can get trapped between the skull and the hard layer of skin between the bone and the brain. This area is known as the dura mater.
  • As the blood continues to flow from the ruptured artery, the fluid builds up.
  • The brain can then begin to swell and there may be no room for it to move inside the skull cavity.
  • Ultimately, this can result in a puncture of the dura.
  • As the pressure builds up due to the brain bleed, blood flow is reduced to the brain.
  • At that point, the slip and fall victim begins to feel the classic symptoms of a traumatic brain injury.

Perhaps most frightening, symptoms can take as long as three hours after the accident to appear. The condition is known by some as “talk and die syndrome” because patients can go from seemingly normal to critical condition with so little warning. If you suffer a slip and fall accident, it is crucial to obtain an immediate medical evaluation in order to be evaluated for injury.

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