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Factors That Increase the Likelihood of a Dog Bite Attack

Factors That Increase the Likelihood of a Dog Bite Attack

When a dog attacks and bites, the victim can be left with substantial injuries. These injuries may create a need for expensive and ongoing medical treatment, rehabilitation, and counseling. Victims may also be unable to return to work for a significant period of time. This often creates a great deal of stress and strain on victims and their families. As a result, it is important to take steps to avoid a bite from occurring if possible.

7 Factors That Increase the Danger of a Dog Bite

Learning the factors that increase the risks of an attack is an important way to keep yourself safe. The more of the factors outlined below that are present, the higher the risk of a bite:

  1. The dog is in its own yard, but the dog’s master is not present.
  2. The dog is a breed that is historically more likely to attack. Examples include pit bulls, Rottweilers, Akitas, or Chows.
  3. There are multiple dogs present. This is known as pack mentality, and can cause even a typically calm and reserved dog to suddenly become uncharacteristically violent and vicious when other dogs are present. The more dogs that are in the area, the higher the likelihood of an attack.
  4. The dog is chained or tethered. When a dog is tied up, it is more likely to bite.
  5. The dog is male and not neutered. Dogs that fall into these categories are more dangerous than female dogs or male dogs that have been neutered.
  6. The dog has been living in its home for less than 60 days. The newer the dog is to the home, the higher the risk of an attack.
  7. A new person has begun living in the dog’s home within the past 60 days. The less time that the person has been living with the dog, the higher the chance the dog will bite.

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