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Five Common Myths About Slip and Fall Accidents

Five Common Myths About Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are common causes of injury on private property. While many of these accidents are mere accidents and not anyone’s fault, others are caused by the negligence of a property owner. For example, failing to keep a floor clean and clear of debris or failing to warn guests of a recently mopped floor could make the property owner liable for any injuries that result.
A study conducted by Montgomery Insurance Company illustrated that there are several common misconceptions held by facility managers, cleaning professionals, and the public when it comes to slip and fall accidents. Here are five myths about slip and fall accidents debunked.
Myth #1 – Shiny floors are more slippery than less shiny floors.
The truth is that a floor’s shine rarely determines how slippery a surface is. The slip or skid resistance of a floor is not determined by its sheen but by the maintenance and care with which the floor and surrounding area is given.
Myth #2 – Buffing a floor makes it more slippery.
This myth is actually the exact opposite of the truth. In fact, properly buffing a floor actually tends make it more slip resistant.
Myth #3 – The greater the slip resistance, the safer the floor.
Soil can accumulate on highly slip-resistant flooring, causing cleaning and maintenance costs to increase. Highly slip-resistant flooring can also become “tacky,” which can lead to a slip and fall accident.
Myth #4 – New floor finishes are more slippery than older finishes.
Again, more often than not, the opposite holds true. Newly applied floor finishes can increase a floor’s slip resistance—older floor finishes wear off over time.
Myth #5 – Clean floors are more slippery than dirty floors.
The study found, that, over time, a thin layer of soil can accumulate on the floor, causing it to become slippery—especially when wet. The best way to circumvent this danger is to mop and clean floors on a regular basis.

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