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How to Avoid an Accident While Driving in the Rain

How to Avoid an Accident While Driving in the Rain

How to Stay Safe While Driving in the Rain

In Georgia, the summer months can bring strong storms that dump heavy rain. These storms can catch drivers by surprise, sometimes leading to dangerous car accidents. Fortunately, knowing what to expect and how to how to handle the difficulties of operating a vehicle in the rain can help you prevent a deadly crash.
Safety tips to consider when driving in a rainstorm:

  • Monitor weather conditions closely before heading out on the road
  • If a rainstorm is bad, pull over to the side of the road until it passes
  • Keep a roadside emergency kit in your vehicle at all times
  • Stay on top of updates regarding the storm through the radio

Car Maintenance

Properly maintaining your vehicle can help lessen the likelihood that you lose control of it in wet conditions. Replacing your wiper blades regularly—typically every six months—will allow you to see clearly while driving. Rotating tires on a regular basis and changing out tires before they go bald will help provide better traction.

On the Road

When faced with wet conditions, the following tips can help prevent you from skidding, hydroplaning, and losing control of your vehicle:

  • Slow your speed – Stopping and maneuvering takes longer in bad weather.
  • Keep towards the middle lanes – Water often pools in the outer-most lanes.
  • Use the vehicle in front of you as a guide – The road is dryer in these areas.
  • Keep your distance from large trucks – Large trucks can reduce visibility.
  • Limit your braking – Brakes can take on water, limiting stopping capability.

Foggy Windshield

When you are faced with a foggy windshield, use the defrost mechanism at a warm temperature to clear the glass. Alternatively, you can open rear windows to get air flowing through your vehicle. As a preventative measure, make sure to clean the inside of your front and rear windshield on a regular basis to remove build-up.

Hazard Lights

If you are traveling Atlanta’s I-285 and suddenly find yourself caught in a rainstorm, your first inclination may be to turn on your hazard lights. However, this may not always be the best course of action. Even though hazard lights could make it easier for another vehicle to see you, there are negatives to using these lights as well.
If your hazard lights are on during a rainstorm, other drivers on the road may be more likely to assume that your vehicle is stopped and needs help. Furthermore, turning hazard lights on could reduce your ability to use turn signals or brake lights. In some areas, it may even be illegal to turn the hazard lights on during a storm.

Flash Floods

Driving through floodwaters can be extremely dangerous—not only for your car’s electrical and braking mechanisms, but for everyone inside the vehicle. A flash flood can cause your vehicle to be swept away with you and your passengers inside. If you cannot see the road beneath the water, you should avoid driving through.

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