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How to Help an Injured Friend After a Car Accident

How to Help an Injured Friend After a Car Accident

If someone you love has been injured in a car accident—you want to help. However, it can be hard to know what to do and how to show your concern. Every accident victim is unique, but these tips work for many of our injured clients:

  1. Pay attention – Your friend may say “I’m fine”, but what does she need? If she has children, she may need help with childcare or cleaning. If she’s unable to walk, she may need help with errands. Ask if you can help with certain tasks.
  2. Instead of asking to help, just help – It’s often hard to accept help, so instead of asking “Can I make you dinner tonight”. Instead, say ”I’m bringing you dinner” and just show up with a ready-to-serve meal.
  3. Don’t say “You’ll be better soon” or “you’ll be back to normal in no time” – A serious injury may mean that the accident victim will never fully recover. You may think your words are reassuring, but your friend may feel that you are downplaying the seriousness of the injury.
  4. Assume your friend is in pain, even if she doesn’t say so – Many car accident injuries cause chronic, long-term pain. The pain may occur so frequently that your friend no longer feels it is worth a mention. Watch for signs that your friend is too tired or in too much pain to talk.
  5. Don’t make the injury your only topic of conversation – Your friend may not be comfortable talking about the accident and the injury. Ask how she is doing and move on to other topics. If she wants to talk about the crash, she’ll let you know.

The best way to help a friend after a car crash is to let her know you care and that you are there if she needs you. Kaufman Law is also there. We can’t ease the pain of an injury, but we can deal with the insurance adjusters and help the accident victim get the compensation she needs to get well. To learn more, call today—we’re standing by to help.

At Kaufman Law, P.C., we are passionate about protecting the rights of injured individuals. If you were recently injured in a negligence-related accident, turn to our reputable attorneys for the support you need during this difficult time. Our Atlanta personal injury attorneys work diligently to secure maximum compensation so that our clients can move on with their lives without experiencing financial strain as a result of their injuries. Should you decide to be represented by our firm, you can feel peace of mind in knowing you have enlisted the services of a reputable and caring law firm.


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