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How Wind Chill Can Cause a Motorcycle Accident

How Wind Chill Can Cause a Motorcycle Accident

In many parts of the country, late fall brings the end of motorcycle season. Riders drain their gas tanks and put away their bikes until spring. In Atlanta, we can ride year round but this doesn’t mean that motorcyclists don’t need to prepare for winter.
Yes, Atlanta is relatively warm. Our average wintertime temperatures range from lows in the mid 30’s to highs in the mid 60’s. Normally, these temperatures are nothing to worry about. But, when you are on your bike, you can also experience wind chill. As you travel, the wind you create causes moisture to evaporate from your body. This takes away your body heat. The faster you travel, the greater the effect of the wind chill.
Outdoor temperature: 60°F

  • With wind chill at 30 mph: 56°F
  • With wind chill at 55 mph: 53°F

Outdoor temperature: 50°F

  • With wind chill at 30 mph: 42°F
  • With wind chill at 55 mph: 39°F

Outdoor temperature: 40°F

  • With wind chill at 30 mph: 28°F
  • With wind chill at 55 mph: 25°F

As you see, the temperature you experience can be significantly lower than the air temperature depending on your speed. If you aren’t dressed for the wind chill—you will get cold. Your hands and feet will become numb, and it will be more difficult to control your motorcycle. If you continue to lose heat, your reaction times will slow down. This increases your risk of a motorcycle wreck.
You can enjoy riding all year, but use common sense and dress for the wind chill.
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