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Injuries While Performing Roadside Repairs Are Common

Injuries While Performing Roadside Repairs Are Common

Unfortunately, we have all experienced moments where our vehicle suddenly stops working. If you are travelling along I-75 South when this happens, your options may be limited. Most motorists opt to pull their vehicles to the side of the road. Some attempt to repair the car themselves, whether it is changing a tire, adding motor oil, or cooling down an overheating car. Regardless, making roadside repairs is very dangerous. Passing vehicles could easily strike you and leave you with severe injuries. These injuries may be especially hazardous if a large truck strikes you.

Five Reasons Why Roadside Repairs Put You at Risk of Truck Accidents

Choosing to make a roadside repair in Atlanta is a risky endeavor. Accidents involving large trucks are very dangerous; however, they are even more hazardous when the other motorist has existed his or vehicle. The following is a list of common reasons as to why roadside repairs can put you at risk of an accident involving a truck:

  1. The truck driver may not be able to see you if you are standing at or around your vehicle.
  2. The sheer size of the truck is enough to cause substantial injuries or death, especially when you do not have the external protection of your car to absorb some of the force of the crash.
  3. Vehicles traveling past you are often going at high speed, making it difficult for them to swerve or stop in order to avoid you.
  4. Even if you are not struck directly by the truck, it could strike your vehicle. The size and force of this impact could seriously harm you if you are standing in the vehicle’s path.
  5. Truck drivers may not be anticipating motorists who are standing on the side of the road making repairs to their cars, leaving less time to react in order to avoid a crash.

Rather than attempting to make repairs yourself on the side of the road, consider dialing 511. This number will connect you with a HERO unit that can help with a breakdown or a car wreck occurring on Atlanta’s interstate. Was this article helpful? If so, we encourage you to find us on Twitter for even more informative articles.

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