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Irresponsible Owners Should Think Before Getting a Dog

Irresponsible Owners Should Think Before Getting a Dog

While many people are quick to blame the animal when a dog bite attack occurs, the reality is that many such attacks can be prevented by the dog’s owner acting responsibly. Dog ownership is a big responsibility. Unfortunately, many dog owners do not think through the true extent of the commitment before purchasing or adopting a pet. This September, the American Kennel Club (AKC) celebrates Responsible Dog Ownership Days. As part of the celebration, the AKC suggests that people consider dog ownership carefully before becoming a dog owner.

4 Tips to Help Decide Whether You Can Be a Responsible Dog Owner

What should potential dog owners take into consideration before obtaining a pet? The following are four important tips:

  1. Understand the full extent of the commitment. You must keep the pet healthy, happy, and well-adjusted in order to prevent dog bite attacks. It is important to consider carefully whether you have the time and resources required to fulfill your obligations.
  2. Evaluate your lifestyle. If you are rarely home, you will not be able to properly supervise your pet. Loose dogs may be more likely to attack others. You are also unlikely to have a happy dog on your hands. Unhappy animals are similarly more likely to attack when provoked.
  3. Choose the right breed for you. If you are unable to devote significant time and attention to training and supervising your pet, it may not be safe for you to buy or adopt certain breeds.
  4. Ask questions of the breeder when purchasing or adopting the pet. By asking more questions, you will learn more about the breed and whether you will be able to fulfill your obligations as an owner of the pet.

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