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Know When to Anticipate a Left-Turn Motorcycle Accident

Know When to Anticipate a Left-Turn Motorcycle Accident

Of all of the motorcycle accidents that occur each year on Collier Road, Cascade Road, and the many other intersections throughout Atlanta, the most common type of crash occurs when a car makes a left turn in front of the motorcycle. These accidents happen when the driver of the car fails to see the motorcycle or misjudges the motorcyclist’s speed. Since the motorcycle provides very little external protection for the motorcyclist, the injuries that result are often severe.

Why Cars Make Left Turns That Cause Injury to Motorcyclists

Why do these accidents happen? The following are some of the more common causes:

  • The driver was not paying attention.
  • The driver was distracted.
  • The motorcyclist was traveling in the vehicle’s blind spot.
  • The driver simply did not perceive the motorcyclist, but rather saw an “absence of cars.”

Signs That a Left Turn Is About to Occur

As a motorcyclist, it is important to be on alert in order to reduce the risk of a crash. The following are signs that might indicate a car is about to make a left turn in front of a motorcycle:

  • The car is sitting at an intersection waiting to turn.
  • There is a gap in the traffic near an intersection.
  • There is a gap in the traffic near a driveway.
  • There is a gap in the traffic near a parking lot.

If a crash still occurs despite your best efforts to avoid a motorcycle accident, it is important to act quickly. Each action that you take after the accident could impact your ability to obtain compensation as a result of the crash. We encourage you to download our free accident app today. This app helps to ensure that you capture all of the important data that you need after the accident.
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