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Loose Dogs Present Risk of Attack to Bystanders

Loose Dogs Present Risk of Attack to Bystanders

If a dog has never bitten you, consider yourself lucky. Each year, over 4.5 million people are bit by dogs. A full 20 percent of those victims need emergency medical care. This may include stitches, hospitalization, and plastic surgery. A significant portion of the dog bites that do occur can be attributed to dogs who were not properly leashed at the time of the attack. Tragically, 17-year-old Davon Jiggetts was a victim of this type of attack. Davon was getting off of a bus on Old National Highway and Hillside Road in April when he was suddenly attacked by a pit bull.

Loose Dogs Pose a Danger

After seeing the dog come after him, Davon Jiggetts ran into oncoming traffic in an attempt to get away from the pit bull. Sadly, Davon was then struck by a car traveling in that lane. It is devastating to think that Davon’s death may have been prevented if the dog’s owners had kept him properly leashed or in a fenced in backyard.
If you or your loved one was attacked by a dog that was on the loose, consider taking the following actions:

  1. Carefully review the leash laws in your city and county, if they exist.
  2. Determine whether the dog was restrained when the encounter occurred.
  3. Assess whether the bite occurred on or off the dog owner’s property.
  4. Gather complete medical records relating to the dog bite.

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