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Millions of Defective Toyota Cars Recalled: Learn the Facts

Millions of Defective Toyota Cars Recalled: Learn the Facts

Car giant Toyota made international headlines in April when it announced a recall of nearly 6.4 million vehicles worldwide. The recall comes just weeks after the company agreed to pay the largest criminal penalty ever by an automaker for reportedly hiding safety defects in its vehicles from the public. Ideally, this latest recall will prevent countless injuries—even death—as a result of car accidents caused by defects with the effected automobiles. Car accidents caused by defects can result in substantial physical, financial, and emotional harm to victims.

Nine Facts About Toyota’s Recall

Interested in learning more about Toyota’s recall? The following are nine helpful facts:

  1. The recall addresses two defects that Toyota has been aware of, but previously opted to either take no action other than observation, or to make a limited recall.
  2. The airbag defect involves an electrical connection with a spiral cable assembly that could be damaged when the steering wheel is turned. As a result, the air bag warning light is triggered and the air bag could be disabled.
  3. The models impacted by the latest air bag recall include the 2009–2010 Corolla, the 2009–2010 Matrix, the 2008–2010 Highlander, the 2009–2010 Tacoma, the 2006–2008 RAV4, and the 2006–2010 Yaris.
  4. The second defect involves problems with the seats in certain vehicles. The springs in these seats might fail if the seat is moved forward and rearward with a high frequency.
  5. The models impacted by the seat defect include 2006–2010 Yaris hatchbacks, 2007–2010 Yaris sedans, and 2008–2010 Scion xDs.
  6. Toyota reported to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that it had begun tracking the issues with its defects as far back as 2008.
  7. Toyota learned of the possible defect with its airbags due to increasing complaints from customers.
  8. A 2012 analysis by Toyota concluded that the Tacoma pickup truck was the most likely of its vehicles to experience an airbag failure. It recalled 481,000 Tacomas later that year.
  9. Toyota initially stated that it had not “identified a trend” across its other models with regard to the airbag failure. Instead of recalling those vehicles, it opted to track the issue.

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