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NSC Blames Distracted Driving for Many Atlanta Car Wrecks

NSC Blames Distracted Driving for Many Atlanta Car Wrecks

Are You a Distracted Driver?

In Georgia, it is illegal for a driver to text behind the wheel. However, drivers over the age of 18 can use handheld and hands-free cell phones while driving. While we know it is dangerous, many of us talk and drive. About half of all American adults regularly use a cell phone while driving.
The truth is that it’s hard to let the phone ring, but a new study may have you reconsidering.
The National Safety Council has found that cell phones cause 26 percent of U.S. car accidents. But, only five percent of these crashes involve texting. Most distracted driving accidents involve handheld or hands-free cell phones.
NSC partnered with Nationwide Insurance to review National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) crash data. The NHTSA maintains the Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) Database, an information database for fatal accidents in the U.S. This database is used to generate car crash statistics.
The NSC and Nationwide Insurance used information from police reports and other sources to fill in the data available in the FARS database. They found that distracted driving crashes are underreported. The NSC estimates that 1.3 million accidents a year are caused by distracted drivers. This makes distracted driving the leading cause of car crashes in Atlanta and the U.S.

What Can You Do to Stop Distracted Driving Accidents?

  • Put away your cell phone while driving.
  • Pull over before answering any phone calls.
  • Understand that hands-free devices are not a safe substitute for handheld phones.
  • Tell others about the dangers of distracted driving.

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Help Kaufman Law, P.C. spread distracted driving awareness by sharing this information with your friends and family. It could save a life.

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