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Outdated Stereotypes Can Hurt Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

Outdated Stereotypes Can Hurt Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

The average American motorcyclist is male, in his 40’s, is employed, and has a household income of about $60,000. However, not all motorcyclists fit this profile. Motorcyclists can be young, old, men, women, lawyers, doctors, teachers, and students. There are motorcyclists in every demographic group. Yet, almost half of all non-riders have a negative attitude towards motorcyclists. They see motorcyclists as reckless, irresponsible, and rebellious. Without an experienced Atlanta motorcycle injury lawyer, these outdated stereotypes can hurt your motorcycle accident claim.
There are three ways that motorcyclist stereotypes can impact your motorcycle accident claim:

  1. Bias in police statements and witness reports – Because a motorcycle offers little protection, motorcyclists are often too severely injured to give a statement at the scene of the crash. This means that police reports for Georgia motorcycle accidents are often based on the car driver’s point of view. Your Georgia motorcycle injury lawyer will investigate the accident, check the scene and damage on the vehicles, and use witness reports in order to uncover the real cause of your accident.
  2. Discrimination from the jury – Less than five percent of adults ride motorcycles. This means that most jury members will be car drivers. They don’t understand that motorcycles are different than cars. They may even feel that motorcyclists have no place on the road. In fact, they may just assume that the accident was the motorcyclist’s fault. A skilled Atlanta motorcycle injury attorney will educate the jury and help jurors overcome their biases, so you can get the fair settlement you deserve.
  3. Lower settlement offers – Insurance companies are more than happy to take advantage of motorcyclist stereotypes. In fact, they have so much confidence in juror biases, that they often make low settlement offers to motorcycle accident victims. If a settlement offer doesn’t cover your medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering—it is not a fair offer. Your Atlanta motorcycle accident attorney will evaluate your accident, set a fair value for your injury claim, and insist that the insurance company provides you with a fair settlement.

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