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Plans to Further Reduce Traffic Fatalities in Georgia

Plans to Further Reduce Traffic Fatalities in Georgia

According to a new report, Georgia’s annual traffic fatalities have decreased by an impressive 32 percent in just eight years. A 2013 study determined that 1,186 people were killed on Georgia’s roadways. For each of the past years between 2005 and 2013, traffic fatality numbers have decreased. The current rate is the lowest it has been since record keeping first began over 60 years ago. For Georgia, however, this decline is not enough. State officials have vowed to continue the fight to reduce traffic deaths throughout the state.

Georgia’s Future Plans for Reducing Traffic Fatalities

What efforts does the state intend to implement in order to further reduce traffic related deaths? The following are three examples:

  1. Increased spending on traffic safety. The fiscal 2015 state budget includes $2.9 million that will fund driver’s training programs for young and inexperienced drivers.
  2. Continuing the use of a graduated driver’s license program that was created under the Teen and Adult Driving Responsibility Act. As a result, significantly fewer 16-year-olds are now able to get their license. Instead, young teens are spending more time with their learner’s permit in place, and with a parent travelling in the vehicle with them.
  3. Implementation of a Strategic Highway Safety Plan. This plan has a long-term goal of driving the number of traffic fatalities in Georgia down to zero. The focus of this program is education of our state’s drivers as well as efforts by law enforcement to crack down on safety issues on the roadways.

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