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Potential Complications of Herniated Disks From Truck Wrecks

Potential Complications of Herniated Disks From Truck Wrecks

When a large truck strikes a car, the chances for substantial injury exist for the drivers and their passengers. One such injury that may occur is a herniated disk. A herniated disk results when the softer central portion of the disk in the spinal cord ruptures through its outer ring. Typically, these injuries occur between the fourth and fifth lumbar vertebrae in the lower back. This is because that area absorbs the impact of bearing the weight of the upper body while seated and driving a car. Unfortunately, severe complications can potentially result from a herniated disk.

Three Complications of a Herniated Disk

What are the complications that could potentially arise after a herniated disk resulting from a truck accident? The following is an overview:

  1. Worsening symptoms, such as pain, numbness, or weakness. These symptoms may grow more severe; in some cases, they may increase so much that you can no longer perform your regular daily activities.
  2. Bladder or bowel dysfunction resulting from compression of the cauda equina. The cauda equina is a group of long nerve roots located where the spinal cord separates below the waist. When the cauda equida becomes compressed, victims may become incontinent or have difficulty urinating, even when the bladder is full.
  3. Saddle anesthesia that occurs as a result of a progressive loss of sensation in the areas that would be affected if they were touching a saddle. This includes the inner thighs, the back of the legs, and the area around the rectum.

A herniated disk—especially one that results in a complication—is an injury that can unfortunately lead to lost time from work. This may impose a substantial financial burden on victims and their families. To learn more about whether you or a loved one may be entitled to compensation for these losses, we encourage you to contact Kaufman Law, P.C. for a free, no-obligation case analysis.
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