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Rear Visibility Standard Aims to Prevent Backover Accidents

Rear Visibility Standard Aims to Prevent Backover Accidents

Far too many people are injured or killed as a result of backover car accidents. Tragically, young children are the most common victims of this type of crash. Due to size, nature, and other factors, children are simply more likely to be standing behind a vehicle in a spot where they cannot be seen. Now, a new standard for visibility will allow drivers to see greater areas behind their vehicles before backing up; it is hoped this will reduce accidents.

4 Facts About the New Rear Visibility Standard for Vehicles

In order to reduce the number of backover accidents that occur every year, a new standard was issued that dictates how much area a driver must be able to see when driving in reverse. The following are four important facts about this new standard:

  • A rear visibility standard was issued on April 7, 2014. The standard was mandated by the Cameron Gulbransen Kids Transportation Safety Act.
  • The Department of Transportation issued the final rule to expand the required field of view for all passenger vehicles weighing less than 10,000 pounds.
  • The new standard outlines the required area behind the vehicle which must be visible to the driver when the vehicle is placed in reverse.
  • All new motor vehicles sold or leased in the United States must comply with the new regulation by May 2018.

In order to comply with the new standard, motor vehicle manufacturers will likely use rearview camera systems and in-vehicle visual displays. It is not just new vehicles that are able to take advantage of these technologies. All vehicles can be retrofitted to include rearview technology that can help avoid injuries and save lives.

The intent behind the standard is for backover accidents to be significantly reduced. To bring the number down even further, public education and awareness about these tragic accidents must also continue.If your child already has been injured in a car accident, we can help you protect your legal rights. It is important to act quickly, however. We encourage you to contact us today at 470-819-2273 for more information.

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