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Reduce The Danger Of Child Injury Or Death From Tip-Over Accidents

Reduce The Danger Of Child Injury Or Death From Tip-Over Accidents

In 2018, a news report, revealed that a little girl who was shopping with her family in a Payless store in Riverdale, GA was killed when a large mirror fell on her. The tragic story reminds parents of the importance to take safety measures to reduce the danger of their child being injured by large object tip-overs.
Such accidents involving little children and heavy furniture are too common, whether in a bedroom at home or in high-traffic areas like retail stores. Flat-panel TVs and dresser drawers are the two objects that usually come to mind, but there are many more dangers of tip-overs all around. On average, 1 child dies every 10 days when a TV or furniture falls on them.
Under Georgia law, if Payless knew or should have known about the mirror not being secured properly that they could be, and should be, held civilly liable for the tragic death of this little girl.
One of the best ways to reduce the potential of harm is to remove items, such as toys and remote controls, from the top of dressers, TVs and other large furniture. Additionally, be sure to anchor top-heavy furniture to the wall with inexpensive anti-tip devices such as brackets, braces and wall straps. TV’s that are not wall-mounted should be anchored as well. 
The Consumer Products Safety Council maintains this excellent website as a resource for parents and businesses on how to reduce or eliminate the danger of child injury or death from tip-overs.

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