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Safety Tips to Prevent Backover Car Accidents

Safety Tips to Prevent Backover Car Accidents

Each year, thousands of children are injured or killed as a result of backover car accidents. Sadly, the victims of these accidents are often young toddlers. Even motor vehicles with the latest and greatest safety technology are susceptible to blind spots. It is therefore crucial for drivers to use extra caution to prevent this type of accident.

10 Tips to Help Avoid a Backover Car Accident

How can drivers help to avoid causing a backover car accident injury? The following are 10 important tips:

  1. Always walk around and behind the vehicle before backing up.
  2. Make sure that you can see your children and that they are under the supervision of another adult before putting the car in reverse.
  3. Install a rearview camera, backup sensors, or additional mirrors in your vehicle.
  4. Require children to hold an adult’s hand whenever you are in a parking lot.
  5. Teach children that parked vehicles may move at any time, and that the driver may not be able to see them. As such, children should never play behind or around a vehicle.
  6. Toys, bikes, and sports equipment should all be stored somewhere other than the driveway.
  7. Keep landscaping surrounding the driveway manicured. This helps drivers to be able to see more clearly.
  8. Inside the home, secure your doors with locks that are out of reach of small children.
  9. Before backing up, roll down the driver’s side window. This allows you to hear if someone is shouting at you to stop the car.
  10. Use extra caution during busy times such as holidays, rush hour, or times of crisis.

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