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Should Pit Bulls Be Banned in Georgia?

Should Pit Bulls Be Banned in Georgia?

Atlanta dog bite attorneys tend to pay attention to news articles about dog bites. We’ve noticed that many Georgia dog attacks involve Pit Bulls. Are these dogs especially dangerous? Some people think so.
Pit Bull is a term that refers to the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, as well as any other pure bred or mixed breed dogs that are a combination of these breeds. Pit Bulls are medium-sized dogs with broad chests, strong necks, and relatively large, broad heads. An adult Pit Bull may weigh between 30 and 63 pounds. The jaw of a Pit Bull is very muscular, and the dogs are known for their strong bite and a tendency to hold that bite.
Pit Bulls were originally bred as fighting dogs. Pit Bulls are naturally aggressive to other dogs and may be aggressive to people. But, these high energy dogs can be excellent companions if they receive early and ongoing training. Unfortunately, many Pit Bulls are trained to be aggressive and can often result in dog bites and Pit Bull attacks.
Between 2005 and 2012, Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes accounted for about 60 percent of dog bite fatalities. But, the number of fatal Pit Bull attacks is increasing. Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes were responsible for 93 percent (13 out of 14) of fatal dog attacks in the first five months of 2013. The reason is a higher population of Pit Bulls.
Pit Bulls accounted for one percent of the U.S. dog population during the eight year period from 1991 to 1998. During those years, an average of three people per year were killed by Pit Bulls. During the last eight years (2005-2012), the Pit Bull population increased to four percent of American dogs. Now Pit Bulls kill an average of 19 people per year.
Should Pit Bulls be banned in Georgia? Some places have found that banning Pit Bulls reduces dog bite fatalities. However, Pit Bulls are not the only dangerous dogs. Perhaps the best solution is to strictly penalize all dog owners when their dogs attack.
Were you attacked by a Pit Bull in Georgia? You have the right to seek accountability and compensation from the dog owner. To learn how you can get the justice you deserve, contact the Atlanta personal injury lawyers at Kaufman Law.

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