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STOP! You Can Prevent Red-Light Accidents

STOP! You Can Prevent Red-Light Accidents

This week is National Stop on Red Week. The National Campaign to Stop Red Light Running started Stop on Red Week in 2001, in order to promote safe-driving practices.
You may have had a day when you were in a hurry, and the light turned yellow as you approached the intersection. Instead of slowing down to a stop, you sped up, so you could beat the red light. You were still zipping through the intersection when the light changed.
You are not alone. Fifty-six percent of American drivers admit to running red lights. The leading reason: “I was in a hurry.” Many Georgia drivers may not realize that running red lights can be dangerous.
According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, red-light running is the leading cause of car accidents in urban areas like Atlanta. In 2009, red-light accidents were responsible for 676 deaths and 130,000 injuries in the US. Eighty-eight of the fatal crashes were in Georgia. Each of these deaths could have been prevented if a driver simply stopped.
Our Atlanta personal injury attorneys encourage you to do your part to stop Georgia red-light crashes by following a few easy practices:

  • Stop at all red lights.
  • If you plan to make a right turn, stop and look before making the turn.
  • If a light is yellow, slow down and stop, rather than hurrying through the intersection.

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