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Three Things to Consider When Your Teen Wants a Motorcycle

Three Things to Consider When Your Teen Wants a Motorcycle

Your son loves motorcycles. It’s all he can talk about and he’s been waiting for years to turn 17 and get his motorcycle license. But now that he’s almost 17, you are having second thoughts.
Motorcycles can be very dangerous—even when they are operated by an experienced adult. If your teen is begging you for a motorbike, you may be worried about his safety. Here are some of the factors that you should consider before deciding whether he should have a motorcycle.

Why Does Your Teen Want a Motorcycle?

Ask your teenage child why he wants to own a motorcycle. Is he hoping that a bike will save money on gas? Gas is expensive, so this is a good reason. Has he always loved motorcycles? This is another good reason. Or, is this a sudden interest brought on by a friend with a bike or an urge to look cool? Although many adult bikers ride because it really is cool, you don’t want your child riding a motorcycle simply because of peer pressure.

Is Your Teen Mature Enough for a Motorcycle?

How responsible is your teen? Does he follow rules? Does he take safety seriously? Before your child gets a motorcycle, he should be mature enough to understand the importance of wearing a helmet and safety gear and following safety rules. If your child tends to break rules or thinks that it’s ok to use a cellphone while driving, then your teen is not likely to take motorcycle safety seriously. If your child is not mature enough to behave responsibly, it’s better to wait until he turns 18 to obtain that motorcycle license.

Who Will Pay for the Motorcycle?

Is your child planning to pay for the motorbike? Does your teen understand the cost of owning of owning a motorcycle? Does he have a plan to pay for safety gear? Motorcycles may save on gas, but the insurance and maintenance may be more expensive. Who will pay these expenses? Teens that have to pay their own transportation costs are more likely to be careful. Is your child willing to work in order to pay for his bike?
These are just three factors that you should take into account when deciding whether your child should own a motorcycle. We also encourage you to consider your instincts. You know your child best—if you think he’s not ready, you are probably right. Trust yourself.
Here’s one more thing to remember. No matter how good of a driver your child is, safe riding cannot prevent every accident. Most Georgia motorcycle crashes are caused by reckless drivers, not reckless motorcyclists. If your child is injured, don’t assume it was his fault. To learn more about the rights of Georgia motorcyclists, we encourage you to browse through some of other helpful articles. We also invite you to contact Kaufman Law directly—we are standing by to help.

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