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Tips for Avoiding a Slip and Fall Accident This Summer

Tips for Avoiding a Slip and Fall Accident This Summer

Watch Out for Summertime Slip & Fall Threats

As the weather heats up and dries out, it is easy to assume your risk for a slip and fall accident decreases. While winter slip and fall accidents are more common, slip and fall accidents often occur in the summer too. Take a few moments to learn how to safeguard against four common summer slip and fall threats:

#1: Shopping Centers

Always a threat for a slip and fall accident, shopping centers present a threat any time of year. Shoppers can track in water from sudden rain showers, making a slick surface even more dangerous to walk on. Stay alert for caution signage that indicates wet floors ahead and be sure to wear proper footwear when shopping.

#2: Swimming Pools

Often an area of fun and relaxation, swimming pools can pose a dangerous slip and fall threat. Water along the outside area of the pool can make for difficult traction. The danger is multiplied by the hard concrete surface of the pool and deep waters. Falling near a pool could result in broken bones and possible drowning. To stay safe while walking around a pool, never run or allow children to run.

#3: Amusement and Water Parks

Known for fun and adventure, amusement parks are often overlooked when it comes to slip and fall accidents. Uneven pavement, large crowds, wet surfaces and spilled food and drink can create hazards quickly. Stay aware of your surroundings and limit rushing from ride to ride to help reduce your likelihood of a slip and fall accident.

#4: Outdoor Improvements

As the days get longer, homeowners look to make improvements and changes to their homes. Debris can pose a threat to visitors or others who may walk past the house. As a homeowner, be sure to keep your workspace clean. As a passerby, be sure to stay alert when walking in or around areas of home construction.

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