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Tow Truck Operators at Risk When Doing Their Job

Tow Truck Operators at Risk When Doing Their Job

On Tuesday, July 22nd, a tow truck accident on Interstate 20 left one person dead and caused several westbound lanes to be closed for approximately two hours. The accident occurred around 3:00 p.m. The DeKalb County Police Department responded to the accident. According to investigator Mekka Parrish, a Ford F-450 tow truck was in the break down lane hooking up a broken down Pontiac Grand Prix. The driver of the tow truck was hit by a Chevrolet Silverado. Georgia State Patrol identified the driver as 45-year-old Patrick Broniee of Stone Mountain.

Why Tow Truck Drivers Are at Risk of Injury

Sadly, accidents involving tow truck drivers are not uncommon. Life as a tow truck driver presents many dangers. Occupational injuries and fatalities of tow truck drivers occur at a rate that is twice the national average for other industries. The following are three examples of how a tow truck operator might be harmed:

  1. Traffic accidents caused by other vehicles that fail to move over enough when a tow truck driver is in the breakdown lane.
  2. Jagged surfaces of wrecked vehicles that have to be loaded onto the tow truck and injure the tow truck driver.
  3. Slip and fall accidents that occur during inclement weather such as rain, ice, or snow.

In some cases, tow truck drivers may have a claim for compensation if the accident was caused by another driver’s negligence, a mechanical defect of the truck, or various other causes. It is important for victims to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible following a crash in order to protect their legal rights.

The attorneys at Kaufman Law extend our sympathies to the loved ones of Mr. Broniee.

To learn more about traffic accidents, we encourage you to read our free guide,Hurt In Georgia: An Injury Attorney’s Thoughts on Car Wrecks. This helpful guide will offer useful information about hiring an attorney and what actions to take immediately following a crash.

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