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Treating a Ruptured Spleen After a Commercial Truck Accident

Treating a Ruptured Spleen After a Commercial Truck Accident

When an accident occurs involving a large commercial truck, other motorists are at risk of severe injuries. A ruptured spleen is a type of internal injury that may be caused by such an accident. Victims of this type of injury may require extensive medical treatment. The cost of this treatment may create a significant financial hardship for a victim. Fortunately, victims may be entitled to compensation for these losses.

Treatment for a Ruptured Spleen After a Truck Accident

If the spleen injury is not severe, it may not require surgery and may potentially heal on its own. Regardless, a patient will need to remain hospitalized in order to be closely monitored. The patient will also likely need blood transfusions. In more severe cases, victims may need to have their spleen removed in a procedure known as a splenectomy. Sometimes, this surgery must occur right away. Emergency surgery is typically done to remove or repair the spleen in the following cases:

  1. Where the doctor thinks that there is massive internal bleeding.
  2. Where the victim suffering from a ruptured spleen has low blood pressure or unstable vital signs.

During the surgery, the entire spleen is typically removed. In some cases, however, the surgeon may try to repair the spleen by putting pressure on the spleen or blood vessels until blood clots form in order to stop leaks. The surgeon may also try to use a procedure called arterial embolization to save the spleen, if it can be done immediately after the injury.

In order to maximize your ability to obtain compensation for the costs of treatment after a ruptured spleen, it is important to seek assistance from an experienced attorney. We have helped many previous clients pursue a claim after a truck accident, and we may be able to help you as well. We encourage you to check out our case results today.

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