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Trucking Companies May Be Liable for Defective Brakes

Trucking Companies May Be Liable for Defective Brakes

When another motorist is injured by an accident involving a large commercial truck, the harm that is caused may be substantial. Victims may incur significant pain and suffering, lost income due to the inability to return to work, and expensive medical bills. Fortunately, they may be entitled to compensation from the trucking company that owns the vehicle. This is true even when the accident occurs as a result of defective brakes.

Three Ways Trucking Companies Cause Defective Brakes Accidents

How is a trucking company responsible for defective brakes? The following are three examples:

  1. The trucking company deliberately unhooked or depowered the front brakes on the truck. As a result, the truck can only make use of the trailer’s brakes. The driver also has to downshift in order to stop or slow the vehicle. Trucking companies do this in order to minimize the expense of tire and brake wear and replacement costs. Unfortunately, it is done at the expense of safety.
  2. The trucking company may set the brakes improperly or fail to provide proper maintenance. The federal government imposes certain regulations on trucking companies with regard to their maintenance records and performance obligations. The regulations include proper maintenance of brakes as well as pre-trip inspections to ensure that the brakes are set properly before use. For example, brake components cannot be loose, missing, broken, or leaking.
  3. The trucking company may encourage or fail to stop the improper loading of a truck. When the cargo on large truck is not evenly distributed across the bed of the truck, the brakes are more likely to overheat and malfunction. This increases the chance of an accident.

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