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Trucks Now Required to Have Electronic Stability Control

Trucks Now Required to Have Electronic Stability Control

In June, an important announcement was made by U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx. This announcement made it clear that electronic stability control systems will now be a requirement for heavy trucks and large buses. This technology is designed to save lives and reduce accidents.

Important Tips About the New Electronic Stability Control Requirement

Interested in learning more about the important new rule relating to electronic stability control for large trucks and buses? The following is a helpful overview:

  • Electronic stability controls work by maintaining directional control in situations where the driver’s own steering and braking cannot be accomplished quickly enough to avoid a crash.
  • Electronic stability control kicks in instantly and automatically.
  • This important safety feature has been recommended as a requirement for all heavy-duty vehicles by the National Transportation Safety Board since 2011.
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Administrator Mark Rosekind estimates that nearly 50 lives will be saved each year as a result of electronic stability controls on trucks and buses. He further anticipates the requirement to allow goods and people to move more efficiently, reduce the economic toll of crashes, and reduce the number of traffic delays caused by accidents.
  • The NHTSA estimates that as many as 1,759 crashes, 649 injuries, and 56 percent of rollover accidents can be avoided annually through electronic stability control.

Under this rule, electronic stability control systems will now be required for heavy trucks and large buses that weigh more than 26,000 pounds. The rule takes effect in two years for most heavy trucks, three years for buses larger than 33,000 pounds, and four years for buses weighing between 26,000 and 33,000 pounds.
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