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Two Ways to Prove Liability for a Georgia Dog Bite

Two Ways to Prove Liability for a Georgia Dog Bite

You were injured from a dog bite. You suffered significant injuries and have asked the dog owner to help with the medical bills. The owner says that the dog has never bitten before, so he had no way of knowing it would attack. He says that under Georgia’s “One Bite” law, he is not responsible for your injuries. What can you do?
Your first step should be to call an Atlanta personal injury attorney. Georgia’s “One Bite” rule does not mean that the owner gets a free pass. The owner may still be liable for your injuries.
There are two ways to prove liability for a dog bite in Georgia:

  1. Leash law: Most cities and counties in the Atlanta area have leash laws. Dogs must be restrained whenever they are off their owner’s property. Dogs are not allowed to roam free. If you were injured by an unrestrained dog, the owner may be liable for your injuries under local leash laws.
  2. Vicious or dangerous dogs: Owners of vicious or dangerous dogs must take steps to prevent injury to the public. A dog that has previously threatened a person or caused injury is a dangerous dog. Other signs of a dangerous dog include muzzling and beware of dog signs. Your Atlanta dog bite lawyer will interview the dog owner, neighbors and others to determine if the dog has a history of viciousness. If there was any indication that the dog could attack a person, the owner may be held liable for your Georgia dog bite injury.

Establishing liability for a dog bite can be challenging. You need the help of an experienced dog bite attorney. Contact Kaufman Law today to learn how we can help you.

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