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Understand Crush Injuries After a Dog Bite Attack

Understand Crush Injuries After a Dog Bite Attack

Every summer in Atlanta, people are outside enjoying the warm weather when an unlucky few will become the victim of a dog bite. Attacks by dogs, especially large and aggressive animals, can be extremely frightening. Unfortunately, a dog bite may also leave a victim with extensive injuries. One common type of injury is known as a crush injury.

What Is a Crush Injury?

Following an attack by a dog, you may find yourself with broken bones, lacerations, and other injuries. You may also be diagnosed with a crush injury. The following is an overview of this type of complication from a dog attack:

  • A crush injury occurs when force or pressure is put on a body part.
  • This type of injury most often occurs when a part of the body is squeezed between two heavy objects. When a dog bites a human, the jaw strength is so powerful that bones can be crushed.
  • Dogs have rounded teeth that can contribute to the force of a crush injury. An adult dog’s bite can exert up to 200 pounds per square inch of pressure.
  • A crush injury can occur even if the skin is not broken. Usually, the skin is spared because of the clothing that the victim is wearing at the time of the attack.
  • Damage caused by the crush injury can be extensive and long lasting.

If a dog attacked you or a loved one, it is important to act quickly. The state of Georgia imposes time limitations on a victim’s ability to file a claim for compensation after an attack. We encourage you to share this important information with your friends and family on Facebook or Twitter. Someone you love may need the extra encouragement to seek professional legal help after an attack.

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