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Understanding Rollover Airbag Technology

Understanding Rollover Airbag Technology

Each year, more than 10,000 people are killed in rollover accidents. Even if you’re a safe driver, negligent drivers can put you at risk of this type of crash. Rollovers are responsible for 25 percent of all deaths in car crashes, and SUVs are especially susceptible to this type of accident. It’s important that your vehicle has critical safety feature, including rollover airbags, to ensure you survive a rollover accident.

Rollover Accidents Need More Protection

After legislation required original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to provide seat belts in vehicles, new laws required all motorists to wear them. But because it wasn’t possible to force all passengers and drivers to comply with the law, a second restraint was needed. Ultimately, airbags were required in all new cars.
Original airbags were designed to deploy if there was a front-end impact at a specific speed. However, this didn’t protect drivers or passengers from other types of accidents or crashes, and they weren’t effective in protecting motorists in what many consider the most dangerous crash: a rollover accident.

Why Better Technology Was Needed to Protect Motorists in Rollovers

Airbag technology has advanced a great deal in the last few decades. They’re smarter and better at protecting motorists from many types of accidents—especially rollovers, which can be especially dangerous because:

  • A roof that’s not properly reinforced can crumple, leaving motorists vulnerable to severe head and neck injuries or even death.
  • Motorists are often ejected from the vehicle in a rollover accident. This can occur even if the occupants are wearing seat belts. It’s possible that a seat belt will fail during a rollover, and centrifugal force can partially or totally eject the motorist through a window.

Eventually, curtain airbags were created to protect motorists from side impact or t-bone accidents and against possible injuries in a rollover accident. These airbags inflate between the occupant and the nearest door or window and help prevent ejections. However, side curtain airbags deflated too fast to be effective in a rollover accident. So, rollover airbags were created.

How Rollover Airbags Protect Motorists

An important addition to airbag technology was side airbags with rollover protection. These airbags are much like the airbags that offer head protection in a side impact, but they have two other features:

Rollover airbags reduce injuries to occupants in several ways:

  • During a side-impact collision, they protect the heads of occupants from hitting the interior of the vehicle.
  • They help reduce the amount of glass and debris that flies into the vehicle’s main cabin.
  • In some cases, they help ensure that the occupant isn’t ejected from the vehicle.

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