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What Constitutes a Dangerous Dog Under Georgia Law

What Constitutes a Dangerous Dog Under Georgia Law

In the state of Georgia, owners of dogs have added responsibilities if their pet is classified as dangerous. The “Georgia Responsible Dog Owner Act” took effect in 2012. When a dog is classified as dangerous under this law, the owner must comply with several stipulations designed to keep the public, and other pets, safe from dog attacks by vicious animals.

Four Ways That a Dog Can Be Classified as Dangerous

According to the Georgia Department of Public Health, dog bite attacks are a real problem. Every year, there are approximately five-million people who are bitten by dangerous dogs in the United States. Of those five-million incidents, 800,000 of those dog bite victims receive injuries that are severe enough to require medical attention, and 15 – 20 are injured so severely that they die. For this reason, the Georgia Responsible Dog Owner’s Act is designed to reduce the number of attacks that occur each year as a result of clearly dangerous animals.
How is a dog classified as dangerous under this law? The following are four examples:

  1. The dog has caused a substantial puncture wound during an attack.
  2. The dog has aggressively attacked a person.
  3. The dog poses an imminent threat of serious injury to a person.
  4. The dog kills a pet while off of its owner’s property.

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