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What to Do During a Winter Slip and Fall Accident

What to Do During a Winter Slip and Fall Accident

Slip and fall accidents occur every day, leaving victims with injuries ranging from mild to severe. During winter, the risk of a slip and fall accident increases. This is typically due to the wet, icy weather conditions that are more frequently present during the winter months. Fortunately for victims, however, how you react during the course of the fall can help to minimize the severity of the resulting injuries.

Four Important Tips to Remember During a Winter Slip and Fall Accident

  1. As you begin to fall, try to roll in the same direction. Unfortunately, this will only work if you fall forward, rather than backwards.
  2. If you start to fall in a backwards direction, try to sit down. This can help lessen the severity of your injuries.
  3. As you fall, try to remain relaxed. Injuries are often less severe when the victim is relaxed at the time of the fall as opposed to tensing up.
  4. Do not attempt to fight a fall on ice. This is because twisting or bending injuries can occur, which may be more severe than the injuries that would have resulted had you simply fallen forwards or backwards.

While this information is of course important, it unfortunately does not do a victim much good if it is only learned after the slip and fall accident already occurred. Therefore, it is essential for us to spread the word about these important tips to as many people as possible, before slip and fall accidents occur. You can help! Share this important information with your friends and loved ones on Facebook or Twitter by posting a link to this article today.

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