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Georgia Workers’ Comp Bill of Rights

Georgia Workers’ Comp Bill of Rights

The Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation strives to make employee rights and responsibilities as apparent as possible. Part of the board’s legal duties to workers according to Georgia Code is to provide injured workers with a notice of their “rights, benefits, and obligations.” By law, the board must display such information in locations employees can access. You can currently find the statement of worker rights in Georgia on the state board’s website, under the title “Bill of Rights for the Injured Worker.”
Knowing this Bill of Rights in and out is part of our job at Kaufman Law, P.C.. Dozens of injured Atlanta workers have counted on us to protect their legal rights and pursue compensation through all means possible. If you need our assistance fulfilling any of your rights or responsibilities as an injured employee, or fighting for fair compensation for work-related injuries, don’t hesitate to call our local headquarters at (404) 355-4000.

Your Rights as an Injured Employee in Georgia

The Bill of Rights includes two lists: one with worker rights and another for worker responsibilities. Under the column of worker rights, you’ll find a description of everything Georgia’s workers’ compensation program entitles injured employees to after an accident. These rights only apply to workers who qualify for workers’ comp coverage. A brief overview of the rights on this list is as follows:

  1. The right to receive income replacement and medical rehabilitation benefits after suffering an injury on the job.
  2. The right to a list from your employer of at least six doctors qualified to treat you after a workplace accident.
  3. The right to medical benefits that cover your doctor bills, hospital stays, rehabilitation or therapy, prescriptions, and fuel and travel expenses related to your workplace injury. These benefits will last a lifetime if your injury happened before June 30th, 2013, or if your injuries are catastrophic in nature. Otherwise, they are subject to a 400-week maximum from the date of injury.
  4. The right to weekly income benefits, replacing two-thirds of lost wages, if you have lost more than seven days of work because of your injury. You should receive a benefit check within 21 days of your first day of missed work.
  5. The right to two-thirds average weekly age (up to $575) for life for total disability (catastrophic injuries), or for as long as necessary until you can return to work.
  6. The right to two-thirds average weekly age (up to $575) for a maximum of 400 weeks if your injuries are not catastrophic.
  7. If you can return to work in a lower capacity, the right to receive no more than $383 per week for up to 350 weeks.
  8. The right to expect your dependents to receive benefits should you die in a work-related accident.
  9. The right to additional benefits in the form of a penalty if you do not receive workers’ comp benefits by the time they are due. 

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