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Wrong Way Driving Accidents Put Motorists at Risk

Wrong Way Driving Accidents Put Motorists at Risk

In the early morning hours of Saturday, July 19th, a frightening car accident occurred when a young woman was travelling the wrong way on I-575 near Barrett Parkway. The driver, Alexandria Cymone Brooks, was driving southbound in the northbound lane when the crash occurred. Police responders to the scene allege that Ms. Brooks was driving under the influence of alcohol. Wrong way accidents can result in serious injuries because the collision is often head on.

7 Ways Wrong Way Accidents Occur

According to the police, Ms. Brooks, 18, smelled of alcohol and admitted to drinking before the crash. Ms. Brooks struck a Ford Focus travelling southbound, severely injuring the car’s driver and passenger. Lauren Farmer, 26, was rushed to Wellstar Kennestone Hospital for emergency surgery. The passenger, Becky Hood, was also taken to the hospital. Ms. Farmer faces several additional surgeries and remains in the hospital. She is currently in a medically induced coma. She suffered two crushed feet, two broken femurs, and extensive internal injuries as a result of the collision.

While Ms. Brooks was reportedly drunk when she caused this horrific accident, drivers may be more apt to travel the wrong way down a road for many reasons, including the following:

  1. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, which can impair judgment.
  2. Drowsy driving.
  3. Poorly lit roadways.
  4. Lack of proper signage.
  5. Inexperienced driving or driving without a license.
  6. Driving with impaired vision.
  7. Distracted driving caused by talking or texting on a cell phone, eating or drinking, listening to a radio, or using a navigational system

Ms. Brooks was arrested following the accident and faces charges of serious injury by vehicle, DUI, underage possession, and reckless driving. The attorneys at Kaufman Law extend our sympathies to the victims of this terrible crash.

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