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You Could Develop a Brain Injury Without Hitting Your Head

You Could Develop a Brain Injury Without Hitting Your Head

You Could Have a Brain Injury – Even if You Didn’t Hit Your Head

Because trucks are very tall compared to cars, truck accidents can cause serious head and brain injuries. However, did you know that you can sustain a brain injury in a Georgia truck accident even if you don’t hit your head?
While you are driving your car at 55 miles per hour, your brain is also traveling at 55 miles per hour. When a truck crashes into your car, your car stops traveling. It can’t move because there’s a truck in the way. Your brain hasn’t hit the truck, so it keeps going until it crashes, right into your skull, still at 55 miles per hour.
Imagine slamming your fist into a wall at 55 miles per hour. There would be some bruising and some bleeding. The same thing happens with your brain. As it slams into your skull, the blood vessels tear. If there is a lot of bleeding or swelling, the injury will put pressure on the brain. This can affect how the brain works. You may start to feel dizzy or confused. There may be other symptoms, as well, depending on the part of the brain that was injured.
After the brain hits the front of the skull, it may rebound and hit the back of the skull. This can cause more bleeding, more bruising and more swelling. The bounce can cause parts of the brain to tear. These tears are often microscopic, but they can affect the nerves and cause serious disruptions in brain function.
Our Atlanta trucking accident attorneys suggests that all Georgia trucking accident victims know the signs of traumatic brain injury. Anyone experiencing these symptoms should seek immediate medical attention.
Serious brain injuries are expensive. Patients may need extensive therapy in order to repair the damaged parts of the brain and regain lost skills. To learn about compensation for brain injuries caused by commercial truck accidents, please contact the Atlanta catastrophic injury lawyers at Kaufman Law, P.C.

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