$25m failure to diagnose a stroke resulting in total paralysis (locked-in syndrome)


Birth trauma


Tractor trailer collision ($5.25M for mother wrongful death; $1.75M for child’s injury/Neg Inflict Emotional Distress)


$3.25 MILLION DOLLAR settlement in a trucking case where the initial offer was only $7,600.


Medmal wrongful death


MVA w/multiple surgeries


Motorcycle Collision


Decedent was killed when she rear ended a tractor-trailer who re-entered the interstate from the shoulder at very low speed. Liability for the wreck was hotly contested. Decedent also had three young daughters in the back seat who were injured. $1,000,000.00 settlement.


Client was a passenger in the at-fault driver’s vehicle when the driver rear ended a stopped MARTA bus at high speed. Client shattered her femur and broke six ribs and her neck. Case settled pre-suit for $1,000,000.


Tractor trailer crash (technically, $981K to client for injury and $19K for property damage to truck)


Clients had the roof of their vehicle torn off when a tractor-trailer pulled out in front of them and they drove into the trailer. Client #1 suffered a broken patella and orbital blowout fracture. Client #2 suffered a long laceration on her forehead which head as a keloid scar. Client #3, a minor, was physically uninjured but suffered from post-traumatic stress. The case resolved pre-suit for $987,425.


Tractor trailer collision


Work place injury


Tow Truck MVA


Construction fall injury


Client was rear-ended as the back seat passenger in ride share vehicle $650,000.00 settlement


Mother and Son rear ended at highspeed. $500,000.00 settlement ($250k each)


Motor Vehicle Collision


Work place injury


Work place injury


Motor Vehicle Collision


Dog Bite Injury


Client slipped on ice and water from the soda fountain at popular fast food chain. $300,000.00 settlement.


Slip and Fall Injury


Work place injury


Motor Vehicle Collision


Client was t-boned in the intersection. $250,000.00 settlement


Construction Injury Case


Motor Vehicle Collision


Client was involved in three car collision. Case settled for $200,000.00


Extra contractual settlement when Insurance company failed to pay its $25k policy limit


Motor Vehicle Collision


Construction Injury Case


Client was rear-ended at high speed. Among other orthopedic injuries, client suffered from chronic headaches. Settled for $140,000.00


Client slipped on water from a dripping sink near the checkout counter at a popular fast food restaurant. Client had made several claims for injury in the past. In this case, he damaged hardware fusing together vertabrae and required surgical intervention to repair. $138,000.00 settlement.


Client involved in t-bone collision suffered severe breast bruising. Insurance company did not account for pain and suffering because there were no objective findings on MRI. $18,000.00 verdict. Offer before trial was less than $7,000.00


Trucking collision. The driver of the tractor-trailer did not notice traffic stopped ahead of him and rear-ended our client at high speed.

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