Medical professionals have an enormous responsibility to protect the lives of their patients. While the majority of doctors are competent, trustworthy, and diligent, mistakes can still happen. When these errors result in injury or wrongful death to a patient, they may be guilty of medical malpractice.

Common causes of medical malpractice

  • Fatigue from working long hours
  • Failure to order the correct tests or correctly interpret the results
  • Failure to properly review the patient’s medical history
  • Failure to adequately listen to and investigate the patient’s complains
  • Performing a procedure without the necessary knowledge or experience
  • Prescribing the wrong medication
  • Administering an incorrect amount of anesthesia

If you have been injured at the hands of a doctor, pharmacist, nurse, surgeon, obstetrician, dentist, or other healthcare professional, turn to the Atlanta medical malpractice lawyers at Kaufman Law, P.C. for the help you need to pursue compensation for your losses. At Kaufman Law, P.C., we take a firm stand against medical malpractice and negligence. As soon as you enlist our high-quality services, we will begin conducting an extensive investigation into your case to determine what exactly occurred, who can be held responsible, and how much your case may be worth.

We handle all types of medical malpractice cases, including:

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The Atlanta medical malpractice attorneys at Kaufman Law, P.C. are not afraid to take legal action against hospitals, physicians, pharmacists, surgeons, nurses, and other medical professionals who have caused injury to others. We do everything in our power to secure the maximum compensation our clients need and deserve to pay for injury-related costs, such as future medical care, rehabilitation, and more. During our 45 years as a firm, we are proud to have secured millions of dollars in compensation for our clients through verdicts and settlements.
We offer around-the-clock availability so that our clients can have access to reliable legal counsel when they need it the most, regardless of the time of the day. If a client is unable to come to us because of their injuries, we can make home and hospital visits to accommodate their needs. We also offer bilingual services so that our Spanish-speaking clients can discuss the details of their case in the language they prefer. Contact our Atlanta personal injury attorneys today at (404) 355-4000.

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