Construction is a necessary nuisance in cities and suburbs like Alpharetta. Citizens need better roads, new homes, and commercial buildings, but at what cost? Construction is dangerous for all involved – workers and civilians alike. Accidents, injuries, and deaths are all too common at construction sites. If you or someone you love has suffered a construction-related injury, trust our Alpharetta personal injury lawyers with your case.

Types of Construction Accidents

Construction is the most dangerous industry in America, accounting for an average of one in five (21.1%) worker deaths every year. Construction workers handle dangerous tools, heavy equipment, hazardous materials, electrical components, and other risky job-related elements daily. They also have to work in dangerous conditions, such as from great heights, on ladders, or in trenches. The four greatest threats to construction worker safety are:

Slip and Falls

Falls from scaffolds, ladders, and platforms can be deadly without personal protection devices. Falls killed the most construction workers in 2016, accounting for 38.7% of deaths.

Struck-by object

Objects such as hand tools and building materials can fall from above-ground workstations, striking workers below and causing serious or fatal head and brain injuries. Employees must always properly secure items when working off the ground.


Electrocutions caused 82 fatalities in the construction industry in 2016. Employers can help prevent these types of accidents by properly training workers to be aware of electrical hazards such as live powerlines, as well as giving them the proper safety gear to handle electrical components.


Construction workers can get caught in or between pieces of heavy machinery, resulting in traumatic amputations, crush injuries, and death. Employers should instill safety practices and procedures to prevent these types of injuries, as well as make sure all equipment has proper safety guards.

Most construction worker injuries and deaths are avoidable and stem from employer or coworker negligence. Before you settle a workers’ compensation claim in Georgia, learn what personal injury cases against one or more parties could be worth. Our construction accident attorneys can help you understand all your possible options for recovery.

Consult With A Knowledgeable Alpharetta Construction Accidents Lawyer Today

Construction site accidents don’t only happen to workers. Construction projects in Alpharetta interfere with the lives of thousands of residents every day. There are currently construction zones throughout the city, from large-scale public projects to small private developments and improvements.

We get phone calls from residents walking through a construction zone that could expose the average pedestrian to slip and falls, collapsing structures, falling equipment/material, and run-over accidents from heavy machinery. It is a construction company, general contractors, site manager, or property owner’s job to make sure the zone is safe for pedestrians who have to walk through the site or nearby.

Construction zones are also dangerous for drivers in Alpharetta. Unsafe roadside construction projects can cause risks such as materials left in the road, confusing traffic cones or detours, sudden lane changes and merges, and uneven shoulders.

Let someone who is experienced be your advocate. That way you can get what you deserve and not what the insurance company thinks you deserve. You have to keep the future medical bills, specialists, and future complications in mind. The right attorney will help you effectively navigate this process so you can focus on healing.

If you’ve suffered an injury in a construction-related workplace accident, premises liability accident, or traffic crash in Alpharetta, seek help from our law firm. We are hear to answer any question you have about your claim. You can explore your rights and legal opportunities during a free consultation with one of our lawyers. Request one by calling (404) 737-0347.

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