Daycare centers advertise themselves as safe and secure places for parents to leave their children, when necessary. By law, daycare owners must maintain safe premises at all times, creating environments that are free from defects, fire hazards, and foreseeable harms. If your child recently suffered an injury at a daycare center in Alpharetta, you have rights as a parent. Learn what they are with help from Kaufman Law, P.C.. Our lawyers can investigate the incident and possibly assign fault to the company, one of its employees, a manufacturing company, or more than one party. Your claim could result in monetary compensation for your child’s injuries.

Red Flags for Negligence-Related Daycare Injuries

Daycare injuries can happen under a variety of circumstances. In our 40 years of experience, we’ve come to learn that there are certain factors commonly involved in accidents at childcare centers. Recognizing common signs of negligence can help you gather evidence against the establishment after your child suffers an injury – or ideally stop an accident before it ever occurs. Here are some hazards that can serve as red flags for daycare center negligence:

  • Bodies of water on the property without protective barriers
  • Choking hazards, such as small objects within reach of children
  • Dirty or unsanitary premises/equipment
  • Doors without locks or gates to prevent children from leaving
  • Lack of child-safety measures, such as outlet covers
  • Loose items that could topple onto children
  • Not enough staff members for the number of children
  • Poorly maintained playground equipment
  • Slip, trip, and fall hazards
  • Unprotected stairwells
  • Unsafe bottle-warmers, such as buckets of boiling water

Unusual injuries such as burns, broken bones, unexplained injuries, or abuse-related injuries such as dislocated limbs are all cause for concern. It is always worthwhile to investigate your child’s accident. Be suspicious of strange explanations, such as a staff member passing off a broken bone as the result of a “typical playground accident.” Take your child to the hospital and ask for the doctor’s opinion on what might have happened. Then, talk to our personal injury attorneys in Alpharetta to discuss a possible case against the daycare center.

Our Attorneys Can Help Your Daycare Accident Claim in Alpharetta

Before a daycare center will accept a child, it will typically ask parents to sign a release form or waiver stating that the center will not be liable for any accidents or injuries. This waiver can protect the center from accountability in the event that a child suffers injuries from things outside of the daycare’s control, such as the actions of another child or an act of God. Do not, however, mistake a release form as a total protection from lawsuits. Daycare centers are still legally culpable if they or their employees commit some form of negligence that causes the injuries.
The child injury attorneys at Kaufman Law, P.C. have experience helping parents in Alpharetta. We’ve gone up against schools, individuals, staff members, and daycare centers throughout Fulton County in pursuit of recovery for parents. We might be able to help you sue a daycare center and/or other party for your child’s recent injuries. Submit our new client intake form or call (404) 737-0347 for more information.

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