Maximizing Compensation for Workplace Accident Victims

Workers’ compensation benefits are crucial for workplace accident victims in Georgia. They provide injured workers with the benefits they need to cover their medical bills and lost wages while a work-related injury keeps them from working.

Unfortunately, workers’ compensation does not provide compensation for pain and suffering or other accident-related damages. At Kaufman Law, we know how important it is to pursue all available compensation for workplace accident victims. This includes pursuing personal injury claims against third-parties who are responsible for injuries at work.

What is a Third-Party Injury Lawsuit?

It’s exactly as it sounds; a lawsuit brought against a third-party who is responsible for a person’s injuries. A third-party lawsuit can provide financial compensation above and beyond what is available through a workers’ compensation claim.

Who is a Third-Party?

A third-party is anyone who is not your employer or the responsibility of your employer. Examples include a negligent driver who causes a crash while someone is driving for work or the manufacturer responsible for defective equipment in the workplace. If you are unsure of whether a third-party exists in your case, it is in your best interest to ask an attorney. Don’t assume you don’t have a viable claim; it will cost you nothing to find out whether you do.

Your Workers’ Compensation May Not Be Enough

Now is not the time to leave financial compensation on the table. You don’t know what the future brings, but a third-party lawsuit may be crucial in making sure you have the resources you need. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with an experienced lawyer.

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