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Georgia’s Trusted Personal Injury Law Firm, Representing Injured People and Their Families for More Than 45 Years.
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The experienced team of personal injury lawyers at Kaufman Law is devoted to protecting the rights of injury victims and their families.

Opening a personal injury case after an unfortunate accident or pursuing a wrongful death case for a family member can both be stressful experiences that no one should have to face alone.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy personal injury attorney in Atlanta, GA, Kaufman Law is here to serve your needs every step of the way, starting with a free initial consultation and continuing through any necessary negotiations or litigation.

We have a long-standing reputation for assisting clients who have suffered life-changing injuries. Our mission is to help people recover the funds necessary to pay for accident-related expenses like medical bills and lost wages and ensure that their loved ones are taken care of in the future.


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Kaufman Law has advocated for injured people for 45+ years

Finding the right attorney to manage your personal injury claim is one of the most important decisions you will make throughout the process. After all, the wrong decision could be the difference between success and failure. That’s why our attorneys are charged with doing everything they can to ensure your case is a success.

We’ll handle the hard work and focus on the legal process, allowing you to focus on your injury. This way, you can proceed through the legal process feeling confident and knowing what to expect along the way.

We treat all clients with care and respect and have a firm standard of due diligence. We approach each case with the same drive and focus, determined to provide our clients with dependable guidance and compassionate support.

Kaufman Law has proven for 45 years that we are trusted by our clients and respected by our peers. We recover millions of dollars every year in favorable verdicts and settlements for victims of preventable accidents.

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At Kaufman Law, we pride ourselves on our long track record of achieving successful outcomes for clients in Atlanta and throughout the state of Georgia.

Filing a personal injury claim can be complicated and stressful. That’s why you need a capable ally by your side. With a team of highly skilled attorneys and countless years of combined experience, we can confidently guarantee that every client we serve will receive the same level of knowledge and unyielding advocacy.

The empathetic legal professionals on our team take their work seriously and treat each client like family. Our competent attorneys have handled a wide variety of cases and have produced undeniable results.

Filing a personal injury claim can be complicated and stressful, but we get it right the first time. Our team of attorneys has over 100 years of combined experience, allowing us to provide knowledgeable and unyielding advocacy.

Medical Malpractice

Healthcare providers have an enormous responsibility to protect their patients’ well-being. While the majority of doctors are competent, anyone can make a mistake that results in a lifetime of pain and disability.

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Our intake team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, to answer questions regarding your case at absolutely no cost to you. The call is free. The conversation is free. The goodwill is free.

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Once we’ve decided to take on your case, we’ll carefully evaluate the circumstances of your accident to place you with the personal injury attorney who’s best prepared to help you navigate the process of seeking compensation.

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Our attorneys, paralegals, and support team are highly qualified, tenacious, and eager to fight for your interests. We can help you overcome the effects of your injuries and become whole again, both physically and financially, so you can return to work and live your life.

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