When an aggressive dog attacks you or your child, you may suffer terrible injuries requiring expensive medical treatment, years of rehabilitation, and a lifetime of disfiguring scars. Children, in particular, may need counseling to overcome the trauma of a dog bite. When owners fail to take the proper precautions to safeguard others from an attack by their dog, people can be seriously hurt. If you have suffered a serious dog bite due to the negligence of its owner, contact the attorneys at Kaufman Law, P.C.

Marietta Dog Laws

Marietta has laws in place to encourage dog owners to enjoy the town with their pets, as well as protect others from potentially dangerous dogs. Dog laws in Marietta include:

  • Dog parks in Marietta do not permit pit bulls and rottweilers.
  • Dog parks do not permit dogs that pet owners know to be aggressive.
  • Owners or those handling a dog are responsible for the actions of their dogs at all times.
  • Owners must keep dogs on a leash at all times outside of off-leash parks, and the handler must maintain control of the leash.
  • Owners must license and vaccinate their animals and display current tags.

If owners neglect these laws and someone is hurt as a result, the courts may hold them responsible for the injuries their dogs may have caused.

Georgia Dog Bite Negligence

In Georgia, dog owners bear a responsibility to people their dog hurts in some instances. To recover compensation after a dog bite or other animal attack, you must show the owner knew – or should have known – the animal might harm others and failed to exercise reasonable care to protect others from injury.
To prove the owner or handler is liable, you must show the animal is vicious or dangerous (generally shown through evidence of a prior bite), the owner allowed the animal liberty enough to cause the incident, and the injured person did not provoke the animal into an attack. If the law requires dogs to be on a leash, as is the law in Marietta, simply proving owner left the dog unleashed is enough to prove negligence.

Compensation After a Marietta Dog Bite Injury

Dog bites are painful, but not every victim of a dog bite has the legal right to financial compensation. If an animal has attacked you and caused you harm, you should speak with an attorney to see if the negligent party owes you money for medical bills, counseling, or other pains.
Courts may award damages for:

  • Medical expenses. These include hospital bills, doctor bills, prescription medication, and more.
  • Lost wages. If your injury forces you to miss work, you may receive compensation for your lost wages.
  • Pain and suffering. Dog attacks often lead to painful injuries and scarring, and recovery is often long and difficult.
  • Emotional distress and suffering. Those who have suffered a dog bite often have emotional symptoms similar to PTSD. In addition, they may have disfiguring scars that cause them emotional distress for a lifetime.

If you’ve suffered an unprovoked dog attack, consider consulting Kaufman Law, P.C. to help you pursue compensation for your injuries. Your efforts may protect another innocent person from an animal attack. Proving your case may require expert testimony and meticulous attention to detail in collecting and analyzing the evidence. Put an experienced team of lawyers to work on your behalf to give yourself the best opportunity to get the compensation you need.

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